What to expect during your Application, Interview & On-boarding with us.

Interested? Great! We want to learn more about you, your passions and your previous experience.

Whether you were recommended MSX by a friend or heard about us via one of our Automotive Partners, all candidates are invited to apply online. At this stage, we'll ask for your contact details and a copy of your latest CV - this process should only take a few minutes to complete.




Chat with one of our Talent Attraction experts.

We receive a large volume of applicants each year - congratulations if you made it through to the second stage! After looking through your CV, we may invite you to complete a behavioural, technical or languages assessment if required for your role. You will also have a chance to speak with our HR team and industry experts, either by phone or video interview.

We make you a verbal offer.

After meeting with the team, we will confirm whether we think this is the right role for your next career move.

If we don't think this is the right time, we will ensure you receive professional feedback from one of our Talent Attraction team.
Where appropriate, we may even 'talent bank' you, meaning we can let you know if an alternative role becomes available where we think you would be a good fit 


    During your interview, it's our chance to meet the 'real' you. If you made it this far we already think you might have what it takes! Based on your application, our teams are interested to know more about your previous experience or area of expertise.

    It can be hard, but try to relax - we want you to enjoy the experience as much as possible.


    Dating back to 1931, we are proud of what we have achieved so far. Before your interview, try to take a look through our website and social media channels where you can find our latest company updates. We have an extensive customer portfolio, too - something we work hard to protect.

    Although we work with almost every automotive manufacturer on the market, we don't rely on other brands to make our mark. In a competitive market, our discretion sets us apart.


    You know our history, but what about yours? During your interview, we want to hear what appealed to you about the role and what difference you could make if we hired you.

    Try to think of previous achievements or skills which have helped shape your way of thinking, as well as any behaviours which will help you become part of the MSXI family.


    We want to help you get where you want to be in your career, which is why we look for determination and self awareness in all of our team members.

    As a company we are always striving to improve how we operate and it's our responsibility to support your professional growth, too. If you can embrace your development areas in an interview with us, it's a good sign we can work together long term.


    Before you start, your new Line Manager will work with our local technology teams to get any software and hardware you need ready for your first day. Our HR teams will contact you to make sure all payroll & benefits information we have for you is up to date.

    We will also pull together an agenda for your first week - including key contacts you may want to meet with, an introductory lunch and where possible an on boarding session with other new starters.



    Welcome! On your first day, your Line Manager will send an email introducing you to your wider team. You should also have a chance to meet some of your colleagues face to face, including our HR team who can answer any questions you may have re: our employee benefits or internal policies such as travel expenses.

    As much as possible, we encourage our teams to arrange a team lunch with all new starters on their first day.




    After a month on the job, it's time for your first monthly meeting with your Line Manager. This is a chance for you to give your honest feedback on how things are going, and to revisit your job description.

    By now you should be clear on the essentials, e.g. your key contacts around the business, your hours of work and holiday booking. Your monthly 'one to one' with your manager is also a chance for you to discuss what lies ahead and to agree short term goals for you to work towards each month.


    Congratulations! After six months we hope that you are enjoying your new role - thanks to your monthly meetings with your Line Manager you should be clear on your main responsibilities and have all the tools you need to do your role.

    We may start to ask about your ambitions longer term, or if there are any other projects you would like to be involved in to continue your learning & development. We are here to help you with your long term career aspirations.