About us

A global partner of choice,  for the evolving automotive industry.

We are MSXI. A leading technology - enabled business process outsourcing company that provides state of the art solutions and services to automotive business in more than 80 countries. For over half a century, our strategic solutions have helped car manufacturers and their dealer networks thrive within the evolving automotive industry.
New technologies, digitalization, innovation-related challenges and customer expectations are transforming the automotive industry every single day. We are here to support our customers throughout this journey via offering proven and international solutions and business process outsourcing services across five automotive business domains:

• Warranty & Technical • Parts & Service • Retail Performance Management • Customer Engagement • Fleet & Mobility •

Our team’s deep automotive industry expertise combined with our leading technologies and tools, advanced data analytics and custom software solutions enable our customers to improve the performance of their automotive dealership networks by increasing revenue, reducing cost, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our History

In 1996, we combined MascoTech's Technical Services Group with APX International.

A year later we acquired Geometric Results (GRI) from Ford, helping to establish the 'Retail Network Solutions' section of our business.

Our non-auto IT teams & Engineering Services expands in 2000.



    After successfully operating as our CFO, Fred Minturn is appointed as our new CEO in 2009.



    In 2011 we acquired Human Capital Development - specialists in creating, delivering and managing custom training for many of the world's largest automotive brands.



    A few years later we acquired the 'Managed Service Provider' division of IQ Navigator, a leading provider of non-employee workforce management solutions.



    A few years later, MSX International Acquired the Sewells Group - making us the largest global provider of Retail Solutions to Automotive OEM's and the Dealer network.


Leading Private Equity firm Bain Capital purchases MSX International in 2017. As one of the world’s leading multi-asset investment firms, Bain begins to align our mission with global Investors.




MSX acquires De Poel Group as part of Geometric Results (GRI), increasing our ability to provide outsourced solutions to the hiring and management of contingent & non-permanent workers.




After his work consolidating multiple Automotive software companies into one single business unit, MSX hires Patrick Katenkamp as CEO of our Retail Network Solutions.

Expanding our Insight, Solutions and Products in the UK, we acquired Warwick based Impetus Automotive in 2018. 

In 2019 MSXI partnered with MCON - a state-of-the-art, IT consulting, operations, and support business. This includes hosting, server and network consulting and operations.

  • Fred K. Minturn - Group CEO & Executive Chairman

    As Group CEO & Executive Chairman, Fred Minturn oversees MSXI's two subsidiaries: Retail Network Solutions & Geometric Results Inc. Previously, Fred served as MSXI’s President and CEO, as well as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. MSXI has achieved double-digit growth in every year under Minturn’s leadership. 

  • Patrick Katenkamp – CEO, Retail Network Solutions

    Patrick Katenkamp has been the CEO of Retail Network Solutions at MSXI since 2018.  In this role, he oversees one of our main service groups, Retail Network Solutions, and manages its bottom line and business model to help us expand globally. Patrick is uniquely qualified to lead Retail Network Solutions, with a strong background in the digital aspects of automotive retail networks. Patrick brings 20 years of experience in Technology, Software and Automotive. 

  • Margaret Turner - Global Vice President and CHRO

    As MSX International’s Global Vice President and CHRO, Margaret Turner is a human capital industry leader who streamlines organizations while driving programs that bring growth, develop talent, impart agility and drive innovation. With more than 25 years of experience, including building a global human resources organization, positioning all of its aspects as a strategic business partner with MSXI.